Square CEO Jack Dorsey Read from Robert Henri's Book "Art of Spirit" During a Tech Talk

Not exactly the talk many were expecting.

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While giving a talk at Y Combinator's startup school recently, CEO of Square and Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey decided to take the road less travel and talked about startups without really talking about startups. Dorsey read passages from American painter Robert Henri's book "Art of Spirit" and made connections between Henri discussion of art making and what it's like to be a founder of a tech startup. Dorsey then read from San Francisco 49ers ex-coach Bill Walsh's book "The Score Takes Care of Itself," talked his "Do and Don't" list, and then played some jazz.

The talk confused some people in the audience, but Dorsey's actions were said to be "entertaining" and even "inspiring." Many expected Dorsey to discuss Twitter's IPO or the contested history of the company but were treated to a sampling of the arts and some friendly advice instead.

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