These Are the Most Valuable Fashion Brands in the World, According to Forbes

The estimated values of these brands may surprise you.

Image via Flickr

Each year, Forbes releases a comprehensive list of the "World's Most Valuable Brands," which features 100 companies across various industries including retail, automotive, media, and of course luxury. If you compare the 2015 list to last year's ranking, you would immediately notice that not much as changed in the luxury division, and Louis Vuitton is still king of the pack with an estimated brand value of $28.1 billion.

Dropping from the number 10 spot to number 14 this year, LV still easily outranked H&M (33), Gucci (42), Hermés (51), Cartier (55), and Coach (63). Nike came close at number 18, but they don't really count because they are more than a fashion brand. Adidas also made the list at number 83, two spots above Chanel and a full six slots about Ralph Lauren.

At the very top of the list is Apple, which should surprise no one, and rounding out the top 100 is Estee Lauder in the "consumer packaged goods" category. Several banks and financial institutions appear in the middle of the list, which kind of puts in perspective how powerful brands like Louis Vuitton and Nike really are. To see the full list, head over to Forbes.

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