Model Says Viral Funeral Runway Walk Was What Her Late Designer Friend ‘Would Have Liked’

The model seen in the video, which has racked up millions of views, says the three-part funeral was an intentional celebration for the deceased fashion designer.

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The model who appeared in that viral video doing a runway walk during a funeral is shedding light on the situation.

In the clip, as first seen on model Erica L. Carrington’s Instagram account, shows her posing and making her way down a red carpet. As the camera follows Carrington, it’s revealed that she’s in fact walking towards her deceased friend and fashion designer, Vernest Moore of Newark, New Jersey, whose body is resting in a golden casket. The video was reshared on X (formerly known as Twitter), where it racked up 22 million views and countless reactions.

In her caption, Carrington wrote, "To say that this was one of THEE MOST CHALLENGING things I have had to do would be an understatement 🙏🏾💔😢. I CAN’T BELIEVE this would be my final walk for you😢, so I WON’T👋🏾! From now on…even if I’m not walking FOR YOU, I’ll be walking WITH YOU, because I know you’ll ALWAYS be with me🙏🏾🫶🏾."

She spoke to TMZ to clarify the events portrayed in the video, revealing her gown was designed by her late friend, and that it was an “honor” to be able to do it.

“I think we sent Vernest off the way he would have liked, and that’s really all that matters,” Erica told the outlet, adding that the guests who were present were also on board with the celebration-style funeral. “He did discuss it a little, early on with a really good friend of his by the name of Eric—they grew up together. He actually planned the three-day celebration, which is what we like to call it. And so yeah, there was discussion about how he wanted each day to be.”

Carrington continued, “The video that went viral was from the first evening of celebration, it was a red carpet viewing. The other two were actually a little more traditional ‘cause they were both held in churches.”

Moore passed away on Oct. 22, per an online obituary. He was 62 years old.

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