Los Angeles clothing imprint Holiday’s latest collection celebrates the spirit of being released back into the world, with a nature-inspired drop and Hawaii lookbook.

The brainchild of Nick Holiday — one of the designers responsible for Brockhampton’s unique looks and merch —  Holiday’s latest collection features ‘Earth Wear’, with clothing influenced by earth’s natural surroundings and embodying a palette of upbeat, hyper-pigmented colours. “Earth Wear really came about by taking a zoomed-out perspective of what it means to make clothes inspired by nature, earth,” explains the founder during an interview with i-D. “I was not just inspired by forests or beaches, but all aspects of the Earth. Sky, dirt, streets, mountains, snow.”

Tapping revered photographer Gunner Stahl and Brockhampton’s own Kevin Abstract, highlights from the brand include a series of layered pieces, including joggers, T-shirts and workwear-inspired pieces. “I’ve personally been loving the bomber jacket and the work pants. The work pants especially I’ve been wearing everyday the past two months,” Holiday continues. “I’m so happy to have made those pants in Los Angeles and cut exactly the way I wanted. They last really long and give me a lot of confidence.”

Further stand-out pieces include a forest green hoodie, which reads “HOLIDAY ALL TERRAIN”, a long-sleeved ‘Earth Wear’ T-shirt and embroidered navy headwear.

See the collection below and head to Holiday’s Instagram find out how to cop the pieces from this Satuday, June 6.