Roddy Ricch's career will forever be intertwined with the legacy of fellow Los Angeles legend, Nipsey Hussle. As a result, the rapper decided to celebrate Nip by having his latest piece dedicated to The Great. 

On Sunday, Roddy took to Instagram where he showed off a new chain designed by master jeweler, Elliot Eliantte. This chain keeps with the trend of immortalizing a lost one through a circle picture pendant. But like his approach to music, Roddy doesn't stick to trends, he adds to them. So instead of the typical ring of diamonds surrounding the picture, Roddy's portrait of Nip is protected by an iced-out crown of thorns.

The chain is also significantly larger than similar pieces and has a revolving pendant. Along with Nipsey, Roddy's chain pays homage to close friend, JNew. 

Nipsey was instrumental in Roddy Ricch's career and musical development. This hard work came to a head when they appeared on the Grammy Award-winning track, "Racks in the Middle," together.

Roddy's chain isn't the first time he's paid his respects to the late legend. Following Nipsey's death, Roddy got the word "Prolific" tattooed on his face in the same spot Nipsey inked the term.