Lil Buck and Myles Yachts star in a new dance-centered ad for Gap.

The ad, which debuted in a 30-second format during Game 4 of the NBA Finals this week, features an improvised dance by the two artists that’s set to Sonder's 2017 track "Too Fast."

The spot was shot in a single take by acclaimed photographer and director Christian Weber, whose previous credits include widely used photos of the late Mac Miller.

Depending on your level of Gap knowledge, you may or may not recognize this latest ad's intentional nods to the "Khaki Soul" campaigns of the late 1990s. 

Recent Gap headlines, of course, have been centered largely on recently announced collaborator Kanye West.

Back in September, for example, West—who is set to bring an apparel collection to Gap stores under the Yeezy name in 2021—vowed to release "nothing" with the brand until he was given a spot on the board. And over the summer, shares saw a dip after West's public threat to "walk away" from the company.

Last month's tweets from West on this topic, however, have since been deleted.