Americans are calling on their favorite celebrities to find a way to contribute to the string of uprisings that are taking place across the country. But they weren't going to let Off-White creator Virgil Abloh slide with donating just $50 to the cause. 

After a wave of backlash, Virgil took on Instagram on Monday where he explained the motive behind his $50 donation. In the now-deleted post to his story, Virgil stated that he was merely matching the funds donated by his friends to the cause as part of a chain campaign.

Virgil Abloh
Image via Instagram

"More light before a narrative forms around false assumptions," Virgil began. "The $50 donation described in a recent screenshot was part of a matching funds movement of friends i follow in my timeline." 

Virgil went on to explain that he stands in solidarity with the protestors and is willing to share the exact amount of money he has donated to various causes.

Virgil is in the hot seat because he shared a screenshot to his Instagram on Sunday that showed him donating $50 to the Fempower bail fund in Miami.

Because of Virgil's status as a leading fashion designer and a staple piece for both Nike and Louis Vuitton, people were upset that he seemingly donated less than what an Off-White accessory would cost.