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Supreme has finally been granted a Chinese trademark. 

The iconic streetwear brand has been battling against the Supreme Italia counterfeit brand for years. Supreme was able to establish dominance throughout Europe forcing Supreme Italia to try to stake its claim in China by opening up stores in Shanghai before Supreme could obtain a legal trademark. 

Yet according to Hypebeast, the Chinese Trademark Office granted representatives of Supreme precedence over the fake brand in January. This assured that only real Supreme products could be legally sold in the country and opens the door for a possible Chinese Supreme flagship store.

As for Supreme Italia, its flagships have been forced to permanently close its doors. Also in March, the Chinese Trademark Office revoked both trademarks for "ITSupremeNow." Supreme Italia is owned by the private British company Brand Firm Limited. It has admitted to selling fake Supreme items and even secured a scrapped collaboration with Samsung. This added an extra sense of urgency for Supreme to be granted a legal trademark in China.

Currently, all official Supreme flagship stores have been closed to combat the coronavirus. But, it has been rumored that the brand is working on opening a location in Milan.