This month, Common Ace—a new online marketplace—launched with the aim of providing women a uniquely curated opportunity to "access and shop seamlessly" thanks to a more targeted approach to the usual model of online shopping.

Common Ace was founded by leading streetwear community voice and global advisor Sophia Chang and Romy Samuel, an avid collector who currently works for a top retailer. 

Among the solutions the Common Ace experience promises for the modern shopper are a curated marketplace that connects retailers and consumers through content and commerce, the largest online selection for women to shop from, a focus on women living outside of major cities who lack access to the usual way of procuring coveted fashion pieces, and more. Additionally, Common Ace is aiming to be the site to beat when it comes to women's sneakers.

"We want to empower the female sneaker and streetwear community to be able to shop and make it easy and less of a headache," Chang told Nylon in an interview published surrounding the site's launch last week. "That's what really what women want, they want to know they're included in this industry, they're included and thought of when it comes to the purchasing power."

To try out the site, which sets up the shopping experience as one more akin to an aggregated flights database, click here. You can also shop by designer filters including Adidas, Acne Studios, Off-White, and more.

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