Cardi B just revealed a detailed new butterfly tattoo she got on her back, taking to Instagram to show it off. She said that the ink isn't finished yet, noting that she still has two more sessions left, and also tagged the tattoo artist Jamie Schene. It is unclear whether she started getting the ink done in quarantine, but the large new piece looks to add on to the several other nature-themed tattoos that she already has, including a peacock on her hip and rose on her thigh. 

Schene is known for his detailed and colorful floral tattoo art, many of which look to be inspired by his California landscape.

Aside from getting new ink, Cardi has also been staying busy during quarantine. She recently teamed up with Oprah and dozens of other celebrities to celebrate the class of 2020's graduation

"I just want to way congrats to all my high school and to all my college graduates. Congrats congrats congrats!” Cardi said in her message to the graduating seniors. “And don’t let no coronavirus, no nothing, take this special moment from you … I also want to tell you guys it’s more than a diploma, it’s more than graduation, it’s knowledge, it’s knowing that you did it. Now you’re about to start your life, you’re about to make some money, you’re about to show your skills on what you worked for!”

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