To remind everyone to stay the fuck at home, Supreme took out a full-page ad in the New York Times over the weekend.

The simple but effective take on COVID-19 containment endorsement features a table laden with accessories of the passing-time variety, as well as a Supreme t-shirt hanging above a futon. The ad, as seen below, ran in Sunday's edition of the Times.

Image via Complex

For IG, Supreme added a video element to the ad, which again places the larger-than-life Supreme t-shirt at the center of the virus-inspired proceedings:

Supreme, like a litany of other brands, has seen its stores temporarily closed in locations worldwide due to the virus. As pointed out in a Highsnobiety write-up on the Times ad, there are whisperings about the ad allegedly being a teaser of an impending COVID-19 relief fundraising effort of some sort.

An indirect effect, meanwhile, has been the need for sites like StockX and other resellers to get more creative with regards to how to list Supreme merchandise during an era in which in-person product shots are not presently possible. For StockX, this has meant a newfound reliance on illustrations.

Supreme drops, meanwhile, have been relegated to an online-only experience for the time being. A recent drop included a collab with Oreo, as in the wildly popular cookie crafters.