Supplies for the prevention of the coronavirus spreading are not at the levels in which the UK had hoped, and now people are starting to take matters into their own hands.

Manchester-based, sustainable streetwear brand, WAWWA Clothing, is the latest to respond to the need for more supplies through halting their production of garments to create face masks.

The masks launched online following Boris Johnson's announcement earlier this week that the UK will be entering a period of lockdown. WAWWA sold approximately 250 facemasks overnight.

As an environmentally-friendly clothing brand, the masks have been made from 100% organic ripstop cotten, with a recycled polyester brand label also being featured. The mask is able to be washed for repeat use, with a hand wash at 60 degrees followed by a line dry being most recommended.

WAWWA Clothing will be creating approximately 100 masks per day, all being created in their hometown of Manchester. A pop-up factory in a disused container ship in the city will be used to help the demand following the huge amount of requests from local food banks to supply them with masks, which they will be given free of charge.

Have a closer look at the masks below and head over to the WAWWA Clothing website to grab yours.

face mask
face mask