From the streets of Oakland to the red carpets of Hollywood, Lance Gross knows how to look the part. And with 14 years of experience under his belt, the award-winning actor can dress it up just as easily as he can dress it down. But the classically suave style Gross displays in front of the camera is slightly different than how he dresses for a life behind the camera—as a photographer.

Gross has always had a knack for photography, but it wasn’t until he was on hiatus from a show that he decided to take things more seriously. Several years ago, the West Coast-bred Renaissance man fully invested in his hobby by purchasing a photo studio in LA. Tapping into his affinity for the classics, Gross incorporates timeless, unrefined elements into his creative space to give it character and bring the ambiance to life. 

That passion for vintage and rustic surroundings is a direct reflection of his personal style when shooting. Gross often looks for long-lasting jeans with holes, tears, or other “imperfections” to help make him feel the most relaxed. In fact, he doesn’t even mind getting a little dirty from time to time because for him, it’s all about character. For that reason, Gross was a perfect fit for Gap and its appreciation for vintage American style.

Watch the video above to hear Gross detail his passion for photography, and stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 of Gap’s Shot Callers series.