The world of jewellery can be a difficult one to navigate, with a diverse offering of brands and price points across the board. If your rotation needs an update, look no further.

Rings and chains provide the perfect finisher to simple and statement looks alike, offering strong contrasts to your darker paletted looks while highlighting bolder lays. Whether you're a first-time buyer looking to build your accessory game or an avid collector eyeing up the latest addition to their armoury, these British brands have got you covered. Ensuring your first, or latest steps are easily workable, this list is comprised of a selection of silver rings and necklaces at affordable prices. 

First up is Alex Orso, a brand characterised by its minimal, elegant, and detail-driven design approach. Pieces within the Orso arsenal are crafted with less conventional shapes than others on the market, making each choice unique. Their Bear Claw and Rotation Ring while provocative, offer modern excellence. With a wealth of experience earned working alongside establish jewellers, Harry Hunt has quickly built a strong reputation for his timeless approach to jewellery design. Through his knowledge and passion for his craft, his mainline and bespoke offerings have risen the ranks, all the while demonstrating that the industry is any man's game. These selections from the Generation Collection can stand toe to toe with some of the biggest names in the game. 

For streetwear enthusiasts looking for a little something to take their fits to the next level, rising stars Serge DeNimes has a range of statement pieces that are perfect for the job. With pendants ready to wear in all shapes and sizes, they're a no brainer. Their Dragon Ring and Razor Necklace are the perfect compliments to any collection. Last but by no means least is the ever-adapting Chained + Able. Characterised by its classic design approach, the brand has built a strong reputation for providing affordable pieces across the board without sacrificing on quality. Their latest drop sees them dig deep into the world of Sterling Silver with fresh takes like that of the Old English Keeper Ring and Padlock Pendant. 

Take a look at the selection of rings and chains below, and hit the following links to shop each of the brands on show: Alex Orso, Harry Hunt & Co, Serge Denimes, Chained + Able

Image via Alex Orso
Image via Alex Orso
Image via Harry Hunt & Co
Image via Harry Hunt & Co
Image via Serge DeNimes
Image via Serge Denimes
Image via Chained + Able
Image via Chained & Able