You may have recognized a certain pair of sunglasses from Kim Kardashian's recent eyewear collab with Berlin-based designer Carolina Lemke, because they're a carbon copy of Emilio Pucci designs. 

On Wednesday, the fashion watchdogs and archive experts over at Diet Prada called attention to Kardashian's collection with Lemke as it includes a pair of shield sunglasses similar to the Pucci shades Kim was photographed wearing last August. 

"It’s def not cool to use someone else’s name and likeness when promoting knockoffs, as evidenced by your win against @missguided, but should it be ok to use your OWN name and likeness to promote them?" Diet Prada's caption reads. "Funny how those SS17 @emiliopucci shades you wore in August 2018 ended up in your eyewear collab with @carolinalemkeberlin that launched in April this year. Hypocrisy at its finest!"

The side-by-side comparison demonstrates just how similar Kim's yellow rimmed sunglasses are to the Italian label's. Plagiarism runs rampant in the fashion industry—which Diet Prada is committed to unveiling—and Kim has repeatedly used her Twitter megaphone to call attention to fast-fashion brands' improper use of her assets to create knockoffs.

Earlier this year, the reality star sued the U.K.-based brand Missguided for their unapproved use of her name and likeness to market copycat clothing, ultimately winning the suit by default. While her lawsuit was taking place in the background, she was publicly condemning brands like Fashion Nova for repeatedly plagiarizing the work of "true designers."

Kim has yet to respond to Diet Prada's accusation.