Milan may be getting its very own Supreme flagship shop.

At least, that's the word from those eagle-eyed enough to have caught possible location clues amongst the recently revealed Spring/Summer 2019 collection. NSS points out that the new collection's metallic jacquard crewneck does indeed feature Milan in its listing of store locations.

The brand's decision to accessorize with a mocha coffee maker and some Castelli Cycling collaborations are also pointed to as possible clues regarding a Milan opening being imminent.

The possibility of Supreme formally expanding into Milan is of particular interest at the moment thanks to the brand's ongoing legal dispute with Supreme Italia, the so-called "legal fakes" company. Back in August, Supreme lost a counterfeit case in connection with the International Brand Firm's registering of Supreme Italia and Supreme Spain. In a previous counterfeit case in Italy, however, Supreme succeeded in having an estimated 120,000 fake Supreme pieces seized in San Marino. 

To directly address any and all parties involved with fakery, Supreme enlisted none other than Funkmaster Flex for an impassioned video that's basically just the cinematic equivalent of the middle finger.

"Be original," Flex says between well-executed explosion sound effects in the clip. "That's what we come from. The originators will always continue to stand, always continue to move forward, always continue to create, while the fakers continue being fake . . . We callin' out the fake. We putting our finger on who's fake and what's fake. We saying what's fake."

Per Hypebeast, the rumored Milan shop is expected to open by Spring 2020. This presents another unique opportunity for Supreme to reach out to Nicolas Cage's people about shooting some campaign images, particularly with that Ghost Rider jacket from the brand's Spring/Summer 19 collection. Better yet, have him walk in Milan in full Ghost Rider attire.