There are very few things someone like Drake can do publicly without it being scrutinized. Hell, Drizzy even went so far as to hide a son in an attempt to shield him from the attention. Usually, though, we’re talking about things much less important than kin. For example: Drake was recently pictured wearing a crewneck orange sweatshirt with the word “Finesse" embroidered out of the original “Tennessee.” Now Drake can’t even have that brand to himself, as The Fader went ahead and identified it. 


Things will get cancelled.

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icantdecideyet is the designer responsible for Drake’s latest sartorial choice. The brand takes old university sweatshirts and stitches a new life into them by highlighting funny words or phrases contained in the original names. Besides Drake’s fit, there’s the dark blue Duke sweatshirt that now reads “Die.” 


DIE Rehooded CollegeSweatshirt

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The brand also makes so-called “REcollege" t-shirts, too: Notre Dame becomes “Not Lame” and Niagra becomes “Viagra.” Each original embroidered letter is removed as necessary by hand, a fact that is reflected in the resulting prices. The fleece sweatshirts go for $260 while the shirts cost $89. 

Drake’s sweatshirt was also pictured in another social media post: he wore it on the same day he met Shiggy, the Instagram-famous comedian who invented the #InMyFeelingsChallenge and helped the song blow up.

Even though some thought Drake had cut Shiggy a check to thank him for just how much his #ShiggyDance helped his song on the charts, Shiggy himself has denied those rumors. In any case, Drake recognizes the work Shiggy did, and publicly thanked him on his Instagram.