Stone Island debuted the third part of their Prototype Research_Series at Milan Design Week. 

The ongoing series delivers limited edition runs of a product that are created by Stone Island to showcase the high levels of complex experimentation. Products within the Prototype Series are so complex in their development, that production at industrial scale is not yet feasible. 

This entry within the series utilises an extreme compacting process on a nylon base, made with a mix of 4 polyamide based canvas fabrics. Each fabric is a different weight, composition, and levels of shrinkage. 

The finished piece is then treated with a complex high-temperature dyeing process that colours, shrinks, and compacts the materials from 0 to over 25%. This process is achieved through the brand's expertise in pattern making, and years of research and development. 

View the Stone Island Prototype Research_Series below, and visit Stone Island for more information. 

All Images via Stone Island