Fashion designer Marc Jacobs just proposed to his long-term boyfriend Charly ‘Char’ DeFrancesco. When it comes to celebrity proposals, particularly those of fashion designers, you might expect an extraordinarily luxurious set up to make such a grand gesture. You might picture a fancy location, expensive dinner, a trip to Paris, perhaps, or something equally as romantic and special. Well, according to Dazed, Jacobs’ proposal to DeFrancesco was slightly less conventional—though it certainly sounds memorable.

Jacobs reportedly decided to take his boyfriend to Chipotle, where he had a pre-arranged flashmob surprise the unassuming partner. On top of that, the flashmob danced to Prince’s “Kiss,” smack-dab in the middle of the Mexican fast-food restaurant, before Jacobs knelt down and asked his partner to marry him. Fortunately for Jacobs, his boyfriend said yes.

While this seems like a pretty unusual way to propose to someone, particularly if you’re a rich celeb with the eyes of the world on your every move, it’s sort of charming. The point of a proposal is to commit oneself to another, with the only things that (should) matter being the love between you and the determination to secure your lives together moving forward. While Chipotle might not be The Ritz, it’s pretty sweet to see someone of Jacobs’ stature forego the usual conventions, and focus on the important things—telling your "Ride or Die" partner you love them, and asking them to stay with you, regardless of where you might choose to do so.