Leo Mandella aka Gully Guy Leo is the 15-year-old kid from Warwickshire that's become one of the most recognisable figures in streetwear.

Growing up disconnected from anything remotely culturally cutting-edge or “cool” spurred on Gully Guy Leo to go against the grain from a young age. Whilst you can’t choose where you’re brought up and raised, thanks to the power of social media, Leo was able to grow his identity and passion for streetwear from Warwickshire.

He’s previously opened up about his hometown, stating “There is literally no streetwear scene out here, and if there is, it would be more skinny jeans and stuff like that.” In spite of this, his own independence of thought and desire to do something different has led him to cultivating a huge following, which now surpasses 500,000 people on Instagram. Leo’s resistance to the status quo is a symbol of why he’s linking up with Converse to front their ‘Rated One Star’ campaign.

Chosen by Converse to help re-launch the One Star – with his distinctive brand of posing now immortalized on busses, billboards & more – it hasn’t always been this way. Leo’s profile has skyrocketed from posting fit pics on the driveway outside the front of his house to a handful of followers just a few years ago. He’s now going to be seen a whole lot more, where he is now an inspirational figure for kids his age, as well as those much older than him.