As the creative director for Puma's fashion sportswear, Rihanna has a lot of say in the type of looks the brand will be known for in the years to come. She already has a couple of major showcases under her belt for the brand, and her involvement has helped sales of Puma sneakers rise over the last couple years.

Sunday was the capper on a busy New York Fashion Week for Rihanna, who spent most of her weekend promoting the official launch of her new Fenty Beauty line. If spending your days in Rihanna-designed clothing isn't enough, now you can make sure you're using her makeup of choice as well.

Heading into the unveiling, fans have a good idea of what to expect from Rihanna's latest Fenty x Puma collection. Her work at Puma has shown a prioritization of blending styles, using the sensibilities of street gear, the comfort of athletic garments, and the allure of high fashion, which is ultimately what the brand was banking on when they brought her on in the first place.


the show. @puma

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when yo nailz and yo invitation match #FENTYXPUMA I'm going live tonight so y'all could show up uninvited af.

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Attendees have already shared Rihanna's catwalk on social media. She has adorned it with pink sand mountains and dirt bike ramps.

A Periscope feed of the show offers a preview of Rihanna's collection up close, which has a motocross theme.

Stay tuned here for updates on what the best and boldest stuff from this year's collection looks like.