G-Star RAW gear up to push the limits of 3D denim design further, with the latest product in their innovation series for FW17: the Motac.

The Motac has been developed under the creative guidance of designer Aitor Throup and designed in the brand's in-house innovation laboratory 'Raw Research'. The aim of this project was to develop premium quality denim with an improved range of motion, challenging the perceived restrictions of raw denim.

Focusing on freedom of movement, the Motac series looks closely at our perception of what jeans can be. Through research and refinement of classic denim, the Motac jeans and jacket have been designed in an innovative way that allows for unparalleled freedom of movement without restrictions. The outcome of this research combines G-Star RAW's classic rigid denim with integrated stretch rib panelling. Bringing together elements of comfort to staple pieces within the range.

The unrestricted movement and possibilities of the Motac series are showcased by a group of dancers expressing themselves through nonlinear movements in the video above. 

The Motac is available in store and online as of now, for more info head over to G-Star's website.