For generations of young Europeans, a trip to Magaluf is something like a rite of passage. The infamous and hedonistic Mallorcan resort has been the site of first holidays away from prying parents, and last holidays for groups school friends going their seperate ways. As well as being one of Europe's most famous 'lads holiday' resorts, Magaluf was chosen for book's the location because of a misguided and now-notorious social experiment by the Swedish government in the 1990s that came to be known as 'tough-guy trips'. In an attempt to combat crime, the government sent young criminals to sunny holiday resorts to rehabilitate them from their criminal past. Unsurprisingly, it didn't work. This reputation is the inspiration for a new book, titled Magaluf!, from Sweden's EYTYS and photographer-stylist due Kristin-Lee Moolman and Ib Kamara.

Kamara and Moolman have become known for confronting stereotypes and challenging attitues to sexuality and self-expression in their work. For this book, they took a group of London club kids to the Spanish resort that became the home of teenage tourist hedonism. The images in the book work with the normal Kamara and Moolman themes of misplacement and confronting norms by placing the models and the duo's aesthetic in a more banal environment than their used to.

Take a look at the book below. A first edition of 800 will be available from the end of April, with 25 signed and numbered limited edition copies, featuring a handmade slipcase and archival pigment print, also dropping at the same time.

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