Back in the late 90s, a young San Francisco skater had a plan to revolutionise skate hardware. At the heart of his plan was a new type of bolt, and the idea of getting all his mates to skate for his team. In the end, the bold didn't catch on or revolutionise skating. The tees and apparel he made on the side took off, and eventually became Diamond Supply Co., still one of the biggest players in skatewear. In the almost two decades since then, Diamond has collaborated with brands like Nike, Puma and Asics, Wiz Khalifa has worked with the brand and Tyler, the Creator has packed boxes for them.

Earlier this year, the brand's founder, Nick (Diamond) Tershay, was in Paris to celebrate his birthday and mark the launch of Diamond's first European HQ. We sat down with Nick before his birthday party to look back at the last 19 years of Diamond Supply Co., and where the brand goes from here.