Beyoncé, one of the very few people we actually welcome new merch from at this point, has added to her collection of Lemonade apparel and accessories. 

Joining T-shirts printed with shots from the Lemonade visuals and lyrics from the album is a dad cap, hoodie, tote bag, body suit, and phone cases. The new merch is centered around Lemonade cuts "Hold Up" and "Sorry" and there's also some very literal lemonade imagery. The hoodie is printed with the song title "Hold Up" while a dad cap is embroidered with a spin on the dancer emoji that's now wearing a yellow dress and holding a baseball bat, like Bey in the song's visuals. The phone case combines both of these elements.

Beyonce Lemonade Merch

The bodysuit, tote bag, and sweater read "Boy Bye," the unforgettable phrase from Bey's "Sorry." Along with the merch, Beyoncé also shared a number of behind-the-scenes shots from the making of Lemonade

You can shop Beyoncé's new merch on her website

Beyonce Lemonade MerchBeyonce Lemonade MerchBeyonce Lemonade MerchBeyonce Lemonade MerchBeyonce Lemonade Merch