It’s hard not to at least chuckle when a 124-year-old fashion magazine known for its September issue and mercurial editor declares T-shirts bearing the banco-font logo of Thrasher—a 35-year-old skateboarding monthly run by a polarizing figure all its own—”every cool model’s off-duty staple.” But earlier this year, Vogue did precisely that. In a post from January 28, writer Liana Satenstein called the tee “the latest piece to make the street-to-chic crossover from the land of half-pipes and kick flips” and went on to investigate its appeal among models like Lexi Boling and Binx Walton—who, it should be noted, “wore the Blackout hoodie to her agency’s fete in Paris.”

The sheer tone-deafness of the article was dumbfounding. So too is that of the stories comprising Vogue’s Skate Week, an editorial package dedicated to, I suppose, the intersection of skateboarding and high fashion. The posts range from the guileless​ (“Girls Who Shred: 5 Stylin’ Female Skateboarders to Follow on Instagram Now”) to the perplexing (“All Decked Out! 13 Resort 2017 Looks and the Skateboards to Match”). Nonetheless, we read them. Closely. And, naturally, we noticed some cringe-inducing moments, the best nine of which are below.