Kylie Jenner is back with her latest ad campaign for Puma, and she sat down with Vogue to discuss it. The youngest of the Kardashian clan is showing off Puma's suede designs for the new spot, which have a retro/throwback aesthetic. During her conversation with Vogue, she also detailed the depths of her sneaker obsession, revealing that she has over 50 pairs. "I might have a problem," she said.

Kylie gave the magazine some of her go-to style tips for rocking the shoes. “I like high-tops with leggings or out at night with a sexy dress,” she said. “With shorts or skirts, low-tops so my legs look longer.” She also pointed out the need for accessories. “Adding an edgy backpack or purse can change a casual look immediately," Kylie said. She also revealed one of her main mantras is not to overcomplicate things. “It’s the high-low look and not taking it too seriously,” she said. “I try not to overthink it—it’s an unexpected combo that really works. Of course, keeping things leisurely is also important. “They have to be comfortable," she noted, "and chic.”

Ever since she inked her sponsorship deal with Puma back in February—against the wishes of her half brother-in-law Kanye West—she's been seen wearing them everywhere she goes. Her first ad for the German brand debuted back in March, with her sporting the high-top Fierce. The deal is reportedly worth seven figures, not a bad payday for Kylie.

You can check out an image from the campaign below via Vogue, and read her whole interview with the magazine here.