A school in New Zealand recently came under fire after it told its female students to lengthen their skirts so they wouldn't distract the male staff and students. The dress code is just the latest in a series of rules schools have implemented under the pretense that it will keep girls safe. Many have spoken out against these sexist codes for demonizing young women, but some, like Erykah Badu, have defended the school's decision.

In a series of tweets in response to The Cut's report on the story, Badu agreed with the school writing, "We are sexual beings. We should consider everyone. Young girls are attractive. Some males are distracted." She continued:

Badu defended the dress code by saying that it is natural for men to be attracted to girls in short skirts. She even says that if she had a school she would make all girls' skirts be knee-length. It didn't take long for her views to send Twitter into a frenzy. Many felt that the artist's comments perpetuated victim-blaming and rape culture.

Badu appears to be keeping the discussion going on her feed. This morning she continued to respond to and retweet those who called her out for her statements.

 Unfortunately for her, it looks like her views have miffed plenty of her fans.