Erykah Badu Surprised These Newark, N.J. High School Students With a Cafeteria Performance

She performed "On & On."

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Back in 2014, Erykah Badu made a surprise appearance at Newark, N.J.'s Malcolm X. Shabazz High School, and today video of the event finally surfaced. In the clip, Badu can be seen being briefed by administrators about the appearance, with them basically telling her to head into to the lunch room and do her thing. Although she initially expresses some doubt about whether or not the kids would know who she was, as soon as she saunters into the cafeteria, it becomes clear that they're excited to see her.

After greeting a few students and introducing herself, Badu wastes no time in grabbing the mic for a performance of her song "On & On." She seems to be having a great time during the impromptu show, climbing onto lunch tables and eating students' fries off their tray while singing. Eventually she finishes up and is helped down by an administrator to meet and greet some of the students.

It's always great to see artists giving back to the communities their music influences. You can check out the performance above, and see her initial Facebook post from 2014 below, including pictures from her trip.

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