Drake just dropped his highly-anticipated Views album. In the 20-track project, the rapper makes references to Toronto, sports (what's good Steph Curry and KD?), and even styleWe rounded up all the style references in Views. Bump the album for the rest of the night (or the weekend) and keep an eye out for these. 

"U With Me?"
I know you heard that my girl is sponsored by Audemars

Swear I just had an epiphany / It cost me 50 at Tiffany's 
The chain too heavy to tuck it / I'm serious

"Grammys" feat. Future (all Future)
They want me go to the Met Gala 
I wear the chain like a bowtie / I wear the ring like a fo-five

​"Childs Play"
Take you to the mall and get you a new outfit
I give Chanel out like a hug I know
My past checkered like the Louis you just got

"Pop Style"
Got so many chains they call me Chaining Tatum
My friend's chain so big that he look like the artist

"Still Here"
All my n***** ain't off rockin' Gucci / One do it then we all gotta do it

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