It’s no secret that Richardson isn’t a brand that plays by the rules. Founded by stylist and editor Andrew Richardson, the streetwear label / erotic art magazine has slowly built a captive audience since forming in 1998. While the initial focus may have been on the print publication, the brand has recently started to expand its clothing collection as well.

In a recent Wall Street Journal profile, Richardson shares that he’s opening a second store in L.A. and that RichardsonShop, which offers apparel and home décor, has seen a “400 percent increase in the past year.” That growth should come as little surprise considering both Rihanna and Kate Moss have been spotted wearing the brand. If that celebrity endorsement wasn’t enough, Dover Street Market now stocks the label in both its New York and London locations.

Later this year, Richardson will expand the clothing label to offer a 30-piece collection with a focus on denim. If the brand’s previous releases are any indicator, definitely expect to see a well-thought out offering full of the brand’s trademark wit and provocative style.