Twice a year, Dover Street Market completely transforms its interiors for the latest season in what the store calls a “New Beginning.” Don’t let the sleek name fool you—a lot of hard work goes into the transformation, which happens over the span of a few very long days. It’s a massive undertaking that requires close to 65 staff members who usually work alongside representatives from labels like Rick Owens and Gucci to ensure all displays are on brand.

The New York Times was recently granted access to this year’s Winter to Spring transition. Over the course of four days, all seven floors of the store are closed as everyone works 12-hour shifts to ensure everything is finished on schedule. Some workers will even burn the midnight oil and work as late as 2AM. “We like to do it all in one go,” Adrian Joffe, chief executive and president of DSM tells NYT. “If we didn’t, we’d be closing off areas all the time. It’s worth it for the excitement.”

Head on over to NYT to see an interactive gallery of before-and-after photos that showcase the store’s latest transformation.