In the latest Essentials by Hypebeast, the website caught up with Louis Vuitton's men's style director Kim Jones to go over what he packs when he travels. Hint: A bunch of exclusive Louis Vuitton leather goods. 

In the episode, Jones also talks about his favorite sneaker: the fragment design x Air Jordan 1s. And he doesn't own just any pair; Jones has the sneakers that were released with the black fragment design logo—exclusive to friends and family. 

"They're my favorites and I wear them all the time," Jones says in the video. "I've got seven pairs of them with the black [fragment design logo] on the back and I don't think that was the one that was commercialized. I get gasps of shock from people when I walk along and they've got holes in and stuff. When I've worn a pair out I just wear another pair. They're just my favorite shoes. I've always been a Jordan fan." 

Seven pairs?! Must be nice. 

Kim Jones' fragment design x Air Jordan 1s / Image via Hypebeast