We already put you on to the insanely bright N.9000 BT that's dropping as a result of the partnership between Italian sportswear giant Diadora and Japan's Beams T. But, while the colorful sneakers have us reminiscing on our fire primary school fits from the 90's, that nostalgia shouldn't distract you from the equally impressive (albeit, significantly more understated) collaboration "warmup suit".

Considering that Diadora's athletic heritage is rooted in the world of soccer, Beams T honored that excellence via a tonal navy and black tracksuit—with blacked-out box logo T-shirts to match. They may not be as eye-catching as the kicks, but this tracksuit and the accompanying T-shirts are smartly branded, with subtle Diadora logos on the shoulders, running down the sleeves and legs, along with crest insignias on the chest of the jacket. 

As with the sneakers, the collaboration's apparel drops on Jan. 30 over at Beams. You may not even know how to play the beautiful game, but if nothing else, at least you'll be well suited for National Tracksuit Day.