It's that day of the week again, the loved (or loathed) Supreme drop Thursday. The iconic New York-based label has been dropping heat throughout this Autumn/Winter 2015 season, and—as is always the case—dudes have been striking out trying to score almost anything from Supreme. 

Today's release was different than most however. With simple box logo crewneck sweatshirts and the recently unveiled Christmas T-Shirt up for grabs this morning, it was inevitable the pandemonium would reach an all time high. Further, anyone in line over on Lafayette Street knows that any item bearing the box logo is the "king of the castle."

Of course, like any Thursday, the product vanished off the shelves well before that (almost insulting) "online shop update" email landed in inboxes moments after 11 a.m.; members of Supreme's rapidly expanding fanbase were quick to vent their frustrations on social media—especially considering the rarity of the product this morning. 

Initially the lines were nothing short of depressing...we mean, Great Depression-era level deflating.



But no matter how long the line, or how hyped the drop, Supreme fiends are always going to at least attempt to score on drop day. Want to guess how that turned out? (Hint: the sweatshirts were completely sold out before 11:01 a.m.)



Needless to say, those hopeful shoppers' bogo dreams quickly turned into tears.



On the bright side, Supreme line master and Complex cameo extraordinaire, Racks, happened to get a line up, while...well, in the line up. At least somebody caught a W this Thursday.