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If you need to find the perfect gift for the lady stoners in your life, AnnaBis has you covered.

Founded by Jeanine Moss and Ann Shuch, this women’s accessories brand has quickly nabbed headlines for its collection of handbags that discreetly stash weed. Not only do the designs come with secrect compartments for paraphernalia and bud, they were also engineered with Odor-Loc technology that hides the smell.

“We didn’t have anything fashionable and functional to carry our cannabis,” Moss told Mashable. “That’s when the light went off.”

Currently, AnnaBis offers three types of leather handbags: a cross-body purse, a small zip pouch, and a clutch in assorted colors.

The women told Mashable that they hope their product will help combat the stigma associated with female pot-smokers.

“The cannabis industry didn’t recognize women as consumers until very recently,” Moss explained. “We believe women will be the most powerful and important force in the legalization and medical use of marijuana, and their wants and needs should not be overlooked.”

You can check out the bags in the images below. The entire line can be purchased today at AnnaBis’ online store.