The 1990s gave birth to many trends we’d rather forget about: backwards clothes, carpenter jeans, hemp necklaces—the list goes on; however, it seems many people are becoming nostalgic for the decade’s style, as proven by their 2015 holiday shopping lists. 

According to a recent report by Google, some of the most-searched gift items this year happen to be throwback fashion pieces, most notably Adidas Superstar sneakers, Levi’s denim, and bomber jackets.

Now we understand that many of those items are considered classics, but the spike in searches proves that some of the most dominant fashion trends during the end of the 20th century are making a big comeback.

“Looking at this year’s top-trending apparel list you’ll be forgiven for thinking we’ve gone back to the 90s,” Google wrote in a blog post. “Not only have we seen searches for these 90s fashion trends more than double over the past year, each city has their own 90s fashion item of choice.”

Other popular gift searches included drones, adult onesies, smart watches, and, of course, hoverboards.

You can see the full report at Google’s official blog.