A well-designed logo is one of the most important marketing tools a brand can invest in. Whether it’s a fashion label, an entertainment company, or a food chain, most major companies have established their identities with seemingly simple graphics. And, as we’ve demonstrated the past, some logos are so effective that people can identify a brand strictly based on colors, fonts, dimensions, and basic design elements.

But are these symbols so embedded in our minds that regular folk could recreate them from memory? Adweek has the answer.

Earlier this month, the publication went to Time’s Square to ask random pedestrians what they thought made a logo memorable. They then asked the interviewees to draw the iconic logos of brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Apple entirely from memory. Some of the drawings were pretty spot on, while others ... not so much. Perhaps some of the designs have become so common that it's easy to overlook the details. Regardless of their success, everyone had a general idea.

Take a look at the attempts in the video above.