Think slender models don’t eat? Then you haven’t met Nela Zisser.

This 23-year-old former Miss Earth contestant has recently become an Internet sensation after accepting a gnarly food-eating challenge. She was asked by her good friend and fellow YouTube vlogger Erik the Electric to consume 20 McDonald’s cheeseburgers as fast as she could. And she absolutely killed it.

Though Erik completed the task at an impressive 18 minutes, Zisser was able finish in 16 minutes and 11 seconds. The feat is almost hard to believe, until the woman reveals she a traveling competitive eater.

“I ate the first five in 1:32 and I had finished 10 by 3:59, which I was pretty happy with,” she told the Mirror. “This was a lot of food and was seriously not easy.”

You can watch Zisser demolish the challenge in the viral video above.