If nothing else, athleisure (athletic-leisure, get it?) was the trend of 2014. A combination of gear that is both comfortable and can perform along with you, this trend saw a proliferation of high-tech fabrics as well as reliable cozy materials like fleece and loop-wheel cotton. Evolving from the cozy boy trend of last year, athleisure was seen across both streetwear and high-fashion runways, and took form in brands as diverse as Under Armour, Isaora, Cottweiler, and even Rick Owens.

The widely successful Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration was the epitome of this athletic fusion of fashion and sport, and the niche emergence of Health Goths showed how the fringes of the trends were popping as well. But basically, if you found yourself dressing like an off-duty model who was either heading to the gym or about to take a four hour nap, you were on-trend this year.