UPDATE (8/25/15): Just days after Spirit Halloween announced its ill-advised decision to distribute a Caitlyn Jenner costume, the company has revealed what the getup actually looks like. And, as many people suspected, it's based off Jenner's Vanity Fair cover, complete with a white padded corset, a pair of shorts, a wig, and a sash that reads "Call Me Caitlyn." 

The controversial costume is currently available online for $74.99; but according to a report by Jezebel, there is a Change.org petition requesting that Spirit Halloween stop selling the product.

Hopefully the shop decides to remove the costume before too many jerks can click the "purchase" button.

See original story from 8/21/15 below.

Halloween is only a couple of months away, which means it won’t be long before we’re assaulted with a new crop of offensive costumes. From those who chose to put on black face to others who dress as “sexy Indians,” there’s bound to be a few party-goers who ruin the vibes with their ignorance. And here to make matters worse is the NYC pop-up shop Spirit Halloween, which says it will distribute a Caitlyn Jenner costume for the upcoming holiday.

Worse. Idea. Ever.

“Caitlyn Jenner has proven to be the most important real-life superhero of the year,” the store's PR and marketing head Trisha Lombardo told the NY Daily News.Spirit Halloween is proud to carry the costume that celebrates her.”

A costume that celebrates her or mocks her?

Though Lombardo seems pretty excited about the new offering, she didn’t give much details as to what the costume will look like. However, the pop-ups won’t begin selling products for another four to six weeks, so there’s still time for it to abandon this stupid idea.