Halloween weekend is in full effect, which in the adult world means plenty of booze, lots of partying, and a handful of ignorant revelers who don’t know the difference between a “funny” costume and one that is straight-up racist. Case in point? Those who shamelessly wear blackface when dressing up as Kanye West.

With a slew of iconic looks to choose from, it’s understandable why so many people decide to go as Kanye for Halloween. However, as we mentioned last year, it’s just down right stupid for anyone to paint their face a darker shade to appear like another race. Spare the “it’s all in good fun” argument; anyone who is familiar with American history knows that blackface is a painful reminder of oppression and institutionalized racism.

We get it: Halloween has become a free-for-all holiday that allows people to take on completely different personas and looks. But it’s just tasteless to wear a costume that makes light of very serious issues, whether that be domestic violence, child abuse, or racism.

Here’s hoping that the people below wise-up and ditch the paint and bronzer for their next Yeezy costume.