London College of Fashion graduate Roxanne Farahmand has done some pretty mad things when it comes to promoting her work; in her most recent Fashion East presentation, models used cameras to live stream video selfies. The mens accessories and jewelry she designs are incredible, taking inspiration from the construction and deconstruction of the male form, and the development of automation, creating heavy pieces with hyper-masculine racer aesthetics.

For her Fall/Winter 2015 collection, Farahmand has teamed up with video artist Kevin Bray to create a rendered world that shifts between 2D and 3D, accompanied by a soundtrack from grime producer Visionist. As an all-round creative with a background in film, design, and set design, Farahmand has some mad ideas, and the execution is always on point, from her and her collaborators and this video is no different. 

Check out the video above and some of the lookbook for Fall/Winter 2015, shot by Sam Bayliss Ibram.