Celebrities have informed the style of the common man since the first baroness was put on the cover of the first gossip pamphlet. Movie stars, athletes, politicians: figures in public life have always had a marked influence on the way we dress. In shouting out famed style icons, we often forget the most enduring celebrities of all: cartoon characters. It's high time we started applauding animated creatures for sartorial inspiration. Sure, blue jeans are classic, but no more classic than Mickey Mouse's red shorts and white gloves combo.

So many cartoon characters have given so much to the fashion world, from Homer Simpson's classic white shirt and blue pants to Bugs Bunny's carrot-as-accessory minimalist attire. But, no group of cartoon characters has demonstrated such a consistent, unique contribution to the fashion world as characters that don't wear any pants.

With fewer articles of clothing than you would find in a traditional arsenal, these animated fashion gods still manage to pull together some of the most creative ensembles in the game. Even the most daring member of the real world fashion avant garde would never think to go pantsless. When you don't wear pants, the rest of your ensemble falls under heavy scrutiny. Self-confidence is a must.

When some people think of style iconoclasts, you may think of any number of designers, models, and artists. Maybe you should think of Porky Pig. Here is a  A Definitive Style Ranking of Cartoon Characters Who Don’t Wear Pants.