You have to admit that John Mayer has some pretty dope style. Not only does he have an insane watch collection worth millions of dollars, the 37-year-old singer/songwriter has also amassed a pretty impressive sneaker set as well as a shit ton of visvim gear.

In a recent article by GQ magazine, Mayer dishes on style evolution, discussing everything from his former sneakerhead days to his current obsession with Japanese menswear brands, including Neighborhood and, of course, visvim.

“I'm a big follower and collector of visvim. If you go to Japan—Japan has these guys, some of them are designers, some of them are artists, and you see how they implement it, and what their point of reference is. I've never stolen somebody's fashion, but I've stolen people's points of reference,” he told GQ. “It's so much fun to collect points of reference, and pay homage or tribute to them, or bite a little bit. Who cares? You're allowed to bite, you know?”

Mayer goes on to explain that he’s really into clothing at the moment, and  has shelved his passion for Rolexes and sneakers within the past few years. In fact, he no longer considers himself a sneaker collector as he has given the bulk of his collection away.

“I speak for a lot of former sneakerheads who are like, ‘I can't start an eBay company to sell sneakers that are $25.’ So you end up giving them to people who are your size,” he explains. “There are a couple of really cool things that I still have. Anything that's a collab: Futura has done it, Kaws has done it. Those things are interesting to hold onto. All of the Hiroshi Fujiwara Fragment stuff; anything that has that Harajuku vibe I think I've held on to.”

Not only does Mayer delve into his own style, he also provides some pretty good advice on keeping “flair” to minimum, like sticking to one standout piece while keeping the rest of your ‘fit relatively neutral. He also drops some pointers for how heavier dudes can disguise the chub. 

To read the full Q&A, in which Mayer also addresses the rumors about having storage space specifically for visvim, go to GQ’s website