Truth be told, John Mayer has gone through one of the more impressive style transformations we've seen. Early in his career, he dressed like a nerd who wished he was a bro. But following his short hiatus in 2011, he re-emerged in head-to-toe visvim looks and basically bodied the style haters.

Yes, he went through an experimental period where he tried plaid pants and even a cranberry red suit, but Mayer has definitely finessed his look. These days, he spends thousands of dollars on visvim clothes and wears the Japanese brand almost every single day. (There are even rumors that the Continuum singer buys two of everything). The fact is, whether or not you listen to his music, Mayer, who turns 36 today, is one of the most stylish celebrities right now

As with any evolution, though, the changes didn't happen overnight. Check out John Mayer's Style History to see all the good, the bad, and all the dope visvim. 

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