A lot of celebrities and other people with obscene amounts of money collect things like cars, property, and other rich people shit. John Mayer's passion is for something much smaller, but the value of his collection probably trumps what you'll find in any garage on MTV Cribs.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Mayer spoke about his obsession for wristwatches and estimated that his value of his collection is in the "tens of millions." His first was a Star Wars Armitron watch that he kept in cardboard box on his bed as a kid. Mayer has since moved on to more serious pieces and has built a reputation as a collector and expert, giving buying advice to people like Drake and Aziz Ansari, contributing to major watch websites, and sitting on the jury of the prestigious Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève.

Mayer didn't reveal how many watches he has, but he spoke about the wide variety of pieces in his collection, from rare Rolexes to vintage G-Shocks found on eBay. When asked about the Apple Watch, Mayer was not as enthusiastic as Karl Lagerfeld or others, but he did acknowledge the power of Apple to make people want to own watches again. "We’re all going to end up with the Apple Watch, I don’t care what you say. Even if you have to wear it on your right hand. Even if you wear it as a pocket watch...I think it’s a cool device, but there’s got to be another place to put it. I can’t give up precious wrist space for an Apple Watch."

Check out some of the photos that Mayer has posted on his Instagram of his favorite pieces and read the New York Times interview for more.


El Trovador

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Going for the @hodinkee look with a Patek Philippe ref 5196p. A beautiful, simple and stately piece.

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