Jay Z and Beyoncé, who recently relocated to Los Angeles, stopped by Milk Studios in Hollywood this past weekend for Wes Lang's "The Longest Night Of the Year" event.

Lang, who was showing four new artworks at the gallery, is known for his use of skulls, crosses, Native Americans, and blackface. His work for Kanye West's Yeezus tour merch—which featured the Grim Reaper, skeletons, a dead Native American, and a Confederate flag—caused much controversy when the apparel was first released back in October 2013. 

Jay Z and Bey are big art fans themselves. Remember when the Royal Family dressed up as famous artists—Bey as Frida Kahlo and Jay as Jean-Michel Basquiat? Jay has also named dropped several artists in his songs, and is even known for his massive art collection. No word yet on whether or not the couple copped (they probably did).