Thankfully, I was already too old for these bad boys when they hit the scene. The idea of taking fashion cues from Justin Bieber makes as much sense to me as taking etiquette tips from Justin Bieber. Even a more conservative jogger pant feels like a crotch too low.

If you're in your late teens or early twenties, by all means, wear yourself some harem pants. We all need photos to regret in our old age. Just beware that with each generation comes youth fashion that wears well only on the young and the beautiful. These trendy fashions are not meant for those too far on the wrong side of twenty-five. Just as the seventies didn't look kindly on dad bods trying to squeeze in to punk rock garb and the 90s grunge look didn't wear well on people old enough to be a part of the system, youth fashion remains for youths. If you are young and beautiful and stupid, sow your wild olds while wearing harem pants, young man. But, when the sweet bird of youth flutters away, and the first streaks of grey hair arrive on your once golden mane, let that bird take the harem pants with it.