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While celebrating the opening of the new Balmain store on Audley Street in London, designer and "King of Instagram" (he has over 1M followers) Olivier Rousteing spoke with i-D about the people who inspire him, including Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West​, and Jay Z. Rousteing's feed is a who's who of celebrities and models because he knows just about everybody, so it must take a special person to earn the title of "muse."

"No-one can compete with Kim or Ri," said Rousteing. "They are way stronger than any men in the world. They are the balls...I was calling Paris Fashion Week, 'PaRih Fashion Week' after Rihanna. Rihanna makes sense in Paris, Kim makes sense in Paris and this makes Paris more beautiful."

He did concede that there are a few men who are interesting enough to influence his life. "Kanye is always inspiring me, as well as different men; football players, Jay-Z, Harry and Peter Brant." He also said that the city of Versailles is an inspiration, but that "it's more inspiring when Kim and Kanye do a wedding there."

[via i-D]